Revive Lent

In this time of uncertainty, Revive Lent helps us to talk with one another, build a deeper relationship with God and prepare to journey with Jesus through Holy Week. 

Revive Lent is a supplemental seasonal resource for adapting Revive: Equipping Lay Leaders to be Spiritual Leaders for Lent. Six sessions, complete with outlines, video instruction, devotional practices and discussion starters are provided for small groups that want to grow in intimacy with God as followers of Jesus.

Revive Lent comprises 5 sessions:
Session 1: Discovering your spiritual story
Session 2: Telling your spiritual story
Session 3: What is prayer and how do we pray?
Session 4: Making space and praying the lectio and visio divina
Session 5: Praying through the hurt
Session 6: Death and dying, and praying with Jesus in the garden



When you purchase Revive Lent, you receive:

  1. The complete version of Revive, including three six-week modules plus opening and closing retreat materials.
    1. A Facilitator Guide
    2. A Participant Guide
    3. Access to 31 instructional videos
  2. Revive Lent Supplement for adapting Revive into six sessions emphasizing Lenten themes.



Revive Lent can be offered in both online and in-person formats. For online, facilitators must choose a suitable digital conferencing platform such as Zoom, FaceTime or Google Meet. You will need breakout groups and screen-share functions in order to successfully facilitate the small group online. For in-person, it is important to find a quiet and private setting where conversations will not be overheard or interrupted.


Revive and Revive Lent can be purchased at

If your parish has already purchased Revive, the email associated with the purchase will receive a download access to Revive Lent for free. If you have questions please contact the Forward Movement customer service team at 1-800-543-1813 or

For questions about purchasing or downloading, please contact the Forward Movement customer service team at 1-800-543-1813

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