What are people saying?

Revive challenged me, filled me, changed me. How often do you have an opportunity to speak about your faith life in a deep and intimate way, and listen to others? To be ‘schooled’ in so many different methods of prayer and scripture reading? For it to be okay to be exactly who you are/where you are on your faith journey? To be surprised and enriched through learning and sharing? My experience is also that us participants now have a new bond. ‘How are you?’ is no longer just a greeting. Outside of our Revive sessions, when we greet one another ‘How are you?’, we’re really asking ‘How is it with your soul?’ ‘I’m listening.’ ‘I’m here for you.’ We know, care, trust, support and encourage one another in a different, more intimate, vulnerable way. What a wonderful gift!

Revive has given me the tools and resources to consciously grow in faith. I now have the ability to delve deeper into prayer and scripture and not think of them as just words to say and read. I now find a deeper meaning in those words and feel that my spirit is truly being fed. Revive has also given me the confidence to share my faith with others. I now feel I’m better equipped to learn, engage, teach and lead in my church community as well as in the community at large. Thank you!

I became more knowledgeable, more understanding, and more engaged by investigating different forms of prayer, by the reading of scripture, and by the understanding of our spiritual gifts.

It strengthened not only my relationship with God but also my relationship with the others in the group and people outside of church. The good things I did before are enhanced by the spiritual growth because I do them more intentionally. I’ve been able to offer prayer for those who may be in need and it really impacted a few people in a positive way!

It also often challenged me, pushing me out of my comfort zone. Working through modules, being open to new experiences, having peers’ encouragement and support, all of it gave/gives me a deepened spiritual relationship with God. I now seek to recognize God in the everyday stuff.

I would definitely recommend Revive. It has given me the ability the grow deeper in faith as well as the confidence to help others grow in theirs. Great program!!

It was a wonderful program that led to many meaningful discussions. The women in the group definitely got to know each other better and really bonded. I learned so much about prayer and my preferences, it was very interesting to learn all the different ways to pray!

It definitely fostered spiritual growth of our participants. The indicators were that people were more willing to share and be vulnerable than they ever had in the past. They were more willing to discuss their relationship with God. Everyone was eager to share their spiritual journey timeline, even the difficult parts. Each facilitator really enjoyed leading the session and said they felt closer to the other women in the group after doing so.

This program has given me the tools to greatly increase my prayer life. Life changing is too trite an expression but this program combined with a few others has made a huge impact for me. Thank you.

Best part was the opportunity to bond with congregation members in a small group setting. 

I love being a part of this retreat, I feel that I have learned so much about praying (I’m sitting here with Sacred Space music in the background), I met folks that I have seen in church for years and never said a word to.

Yes it did—evidenced in their increased willingness and serenity in offering prayer, depth of questions asked, enthusiasm, desire to explore other spiritual programs (Bible study, serve in new ministry).

I was able to renew my commitment to some different forms of prayer, and I experienced a growth of perspective. This also deepened relationships between me and some parishioners.

I appreciated the notes on craft/art supplies—and the step by step of some conversations was very helpful.

It had a very positive effect on our small group of 10 women. I think it would be wonderful to do this with more parishioners in small groups.

It was wonderful to know that there was a group of people who were all praying together.

They not only became much more comfortable leading prayer, but many of them also incorporated some form of regular prayer time into their schedule.

I’ve seen the most direct effect on our Vestry meetings because several of the Revive participants are currently serving on Vestry. That’s not to say there hasn’t been an impact elsewhere. I just haven’t seen it myself.

It brought me back to a treasure trove of different forms of prayer that I had forgotten over the years. It also made me accountable for my 15 minutes of silence with God, three times a week. I am much more likely to spend that time if I know I will be held accountable the following week.

The videos were high quality. The materials were well thought out, and helpful. The resources allow for further exploration.

Dawn is a wonderful presenter, and made the information accessible without overburdening the viewer with too much information.

It was a great program and I have really enjoyed it. I learned a lot about different prayer techniques that I started incorporating in my daily life.

It was great and it did meet my expectations. I loved the videos and I think that you should keep them as part of this program.

It was a great experience. Thanks a lot! I enjoyed every session and felt more connected to God through the activities that we did.

The program exceeded my expectations. The content was great, the videos were the perfect length (and easy to load), and all led to wonderful discussions.

It was very easy to facilitate the session. I like how the video content is printed so you have the choice to show the video or read the content yourself.

This is the programme that has most helped me grow in my ministry.

It is a great program and would definitely deepen their understanding of God and strengthen their faith.

Each member of my group expressed how much they enjoyed Revive and felt it had definitely deepened their faith. Many of us were hesitant to lead a prayer, however when we did the opening or closing prayer once or twice, we definitely felt more confident.

Made me more conscious and responsible for my own spirituality.

Beneficial to everyone who is searching for an answer to their spiritual growth.

I have long been a spiritual person, without being a particularly devout or religious person: but sharing my scientific beliefs and conclusions with others, and listening to their own individual faith experiences has confirmed and deepened by own belief in a loving Creator of all that we see in our universe.

Revive has reinforced my relationship with God

I do not see myself as a “spiritual leader,” but this programme has helped to equipped me to be a more effective volunteer.